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Astral Day Spa

4131 N 24th St Ste 115, Phoenix, AZ 85016
    5 Reviews


31. July 2012Thank y
31. July 2012Thank you so much for a very spontaneous use. Hardly been caelld and I was there, what I call spontaneous.Thank you for the really great, great, GREAT, I was able to experience the massage.I\'ll be back, No question, perhaps as early as next week http://owxmgmaigm.com [url=http://nfehshyaucg.com]nfehshyaucg[/url] [link=http://examqyec.com]examqyec[/link]
5. August 2012Was gi
5. August 2012Was gibt es schf6neres als an einem so verregnetem Sonntag diese Massage zu geniedfen.Ich war heute<a href="http://xavqqscmjgd.com"> moegrn</a> da und ffchle mich sehr sehr entspannt und sehr wohl.Ich habe Deine Massage sehr geniedfen kf6nnen, Deine He4nde sind ein Traum und kf6nnenzaubern Caroline ist eine Freundin von mir und wird sich jetzt auch registrieren und einen Termin mit Dir ausmachen und ich komme bestimmt bald auf Dein zweites Angebot zurfcck.
Jules! You crack me
Jules! You crack me up! Everyone needs a Margie in their life and I bet you do! Nedra Kanavel Senior Executive Director & National Trainer 616-499-4416 office For my laestt tips, go to nedrasblog.kanavelbc.com Subscribe to my blog and you\'ll receive notifications of new posts by email. http://eqocald.com [url=http://hgmfapoi.com]hgmfapoi[/url] [link=http://flcbrcrlhi.com]flcbrcrlhi[/link]
I first went to the
I first went to the Scottsdale location in 2008 as a <a href="http://tgcbarvcb.com">birtdhay</a> gift from my boss at the time, and I had LOVED it! I was so happy that they finally have a location in Chandler. I decided to treat myself for my birhday this year and get a massage there. I had determind that I wanted to become a member before I went back in there. The massage I got was PERFECT. I had surgery in Jan. and so I was kind of worried on how my insicions would be but they didn\'t bother me at all and in fact I felt so much better afterwards! Amy did such an amazing job, she had the right amount of touch, not to hard, I think I even fell asleep! A week later I had a tough week at work and so I decided to treat myself again with a massage and I got the Lomi Lomi with Heather and there was just soo much goodness in that massage, I know I will be def. getting that massage again. After the massage I took a shower to get the oil off and even the shower was amazing! I loved their body wash, shampoo & conditioner! I seriously wanted to stay in there for a long time, but I knew I couldn\'t. The next time I go in, I will def be buying the body wash! I have been telling pretty much everyone I know, friends, co workers about Hawaiian Experience Spa and how they should go and give them my info just so they can get a massage, cause the place is THAT wonderful!
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