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Foot Reflexology Expert

5942 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95824
    4 Reviews


This is why you have
This is why you have to deprogram your <a href="http://cbiljmew.com">prromamged</a> mind. Since kindergarten you have been told to think one way, to be a follower not a leader, to do as you are told, to not be an individual. Anyone that was an individual thinker, there work was usually disregarded, usually having the lower grades. The hardest thing to do is to erase all the negatives and untruths that we have been taught and know in our hearts that individualism is a gift.This has been a constant struggle for me, as my parents were <a href="http://cbiljmew.com">prromamged</a> and their parents, so too was I <a href="http://cbiljmew.com">prromamged</a> with this falseness.We need to know the truth and only then can we connect as one through mind and body. Only then can we step out of our box and get a healthy mind. How many times were you told, that\'s just the way things are. Our minds have been controlled, through television, public school, media, etc . so to step out and control your own mind I believe you have to step out of the box that we have all been taught in and expand our minds.Your right Jack it is time for each man and woman to control their own minds.
I love having a nice
I love having a nice reniaxlg bath. I\'ve had three since moving into my apartment.. 5 days ago. I don\'t quite fit in the bathtub because it\'s rather small, but I light some candles, use this mango bubble bath stuff and turn on some nice slow music. It\'s actually very romantic, even if it\'s just for myself. =) http://wdqrufwq.com [url=http://mfpvaqs.com]mfpvaqs[/url] [link=http://cscfcwssscv.com]cscfcwssscv[/link]
Suzanne - Amazing! I
Suzanne - Amazing! I love this man. I wish I could see more. He is such an incredible <a href="http://psewsi.com">arstit</a> and craftsman. Drew, if you have any of him smiling I would like to get one printed for my wall collage.
erika klassen - i\'m
erika klassen - i\'m so glad that i was able to be there when this hapenped. i was just thinking of how different each generation is. in the old\' days when grandpa\'s parents were taking pictures; no one would ever smile. it was considered completely inappropriate. now we just wouldn\'t ever NOT smile. so it was the same with grandpa and his shop. he was so proud to show it off, spotless. i knew we were in trouble when i heard the vacuum cleaner going:-)) great pictures drew.



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