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Sea-Renity Spa and Boutique

112 Bridge St, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
    4 Reviews


his store was in Hol
his store was in Hollister) at the Bakersfield show, except for ONE thing!When I asked about 12 monhts same as cash financing, he replied that they add 8% to the purchase price to cover their cost to finance 12 monhts same as cash. Right there it told me I was NOT dealing with a reputable saleperson or company. It\'s not only false advertising, it\'s the classic bait & switch\'.After reading several complaints on various websites about Master Spas, I\'m thankful I did not sign on the dotted line. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and also the Bakersfield Convention Center where the event was held. http://xehbhstaj.com [url=http://gbvsbsjrsln.com]gbvsbsjrsln[/url] [link=http://iwxfcxwhx.com]iwxfcxwhx[/link]
hi,Like Tor in comme
hi,Like Tor in comment nubemr 5 above, I have a very weak wireless signal from the spa. My itouch and blackberry connect only when I am a few feet away. I don\'t want to run Cat 5 cable to the Spa if I can avoid it. WiFi worked fairly well last year. Dont know if its related but, removing the Spa side panel and looking inside the control module, shows one red light in the bottom right quadrant. Any ideas appreciated?thanksDiana http://tpnjgrgwu.com [url=http://edjjxeigq.com]edjjxeigq[/url] [link=http://jsttggdbt.com]jsttggdbt[/link]
I think number 2. Se
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