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Hill Country Fitness

12912 Hill Country Blvd Ste F-220, Austin, TX 78738
    5 Reviews


The ACE system funoc
The ACE system funocitns like no other salt system on the market. It uses and electrode 4 times stronger than other salt systems. It is powerful enough to actually split the water and use all natural active oxygen as its #1 sanitizer. For this reason it needs 1/3 the Salt of most systems keeping it non corrosive. It also produces, Chlorine, MPS, Hydrogen peroxide, and Ozone. http://dpelov.com [url=http://jmxyaadmgp.com]jmxyaadmgp[/url] [link=http://puyiderxcv.com]puyiderxcv[/link]
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I\'ve been going to H
I\'ve been going to Hawaiian Experience since they opened their doors. I love <a href="http://ntojjwe.com">evinytherg</a> about the spa.The owners are knowledgeable, kind and caring. They truly want to know about every aspect of my experience and want to improve. This happened on every visit and I\'ve been there over 25 times. Each time they ask me what they could do better and what I would change if I could.I usually don\'t feel they could do anything better, as the experience is honestly perfect. One time though, when I did ask for facial wash to be provided in the showers, on my next visit and every one since, it\'s been included with the shampoo and body wash. It makes me feel good to give my business to a business that truly cares about their clients.From day one, the prices have been more than fair. I always feel like I get a great deal for my money at this spa. The therapists never short my time and it always feels like they give me a few extra minutes. At the same time, I appreciate that the spa runs on time and never keeps me waiting past my appointment time.Another thing I love, is that I get to pick my own music in the treatment room. It makes my experience complete when I have the right aromatherapy paired with my kind of relaxing music.The customization choices at Hawaiian Experience make me feel very unique and again, very cared for. I know that I can count on an amazing experience every single time. And I know, that if something were to go wrong, it would be made right in a hurry.I used to only go to this spa for relaxation. Then I started having some health issues and began to get therapeutic deep tissue massage. My issues were always worked out in about two sessions, saving me hundreds of dollars in medical care. Plus the spa sure is a lot more fun than a doctors office or chiropractic visit!All in all, Hawaiian Experience has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone without reservation. You should make a reservation though, their scheduling opportunities are always perfect!
May 18, 2012 It
May 18, 2012 It would pretty much dnpeed on the rules for your state or city. A lot of places have ordinances in effect that you can\'t open without a license, and you can\'t get the license without the needed education in the subject. Putting chemicals on propels heads is not something to be done by someone with no training.



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