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Performance Chiropractic Clinic

16030 Bothell-Everett Hwy Suite 220, Mill Creek, WA 98012
    5 Reviews


a few things ohevrea
a few things ohevreard at the Master Spa & Pool Show in Montana: we are the ONLY spas that DO NOT REQUIRE ANY CHEMICALS we are the ONLY spas that are made in the U.S. how about it, Bob? Is this LEGITIMATE competition?Sell in a state that you don\'t have any dealers in?Lie to shoppers?Leave them hanging with NO service?One little thing goes wrong when it\'s below zero degrees how long before that good deal they got for 1/2 off is now a big ol\' block of ice. C\'mon folks think about it!What a joke no, in fact it\'s a crime. Legitimate? What, because you pay the fees for What\'s the Best Hot Tub and all of the other certifications money can buy? (YES THAT IS ALL IT TAKES, Folks!)Go home stay home take care of your customers like a legitimate dealer. You should be ashamed. It\'s you guys that give the hot tub business a bad name. http://mjsfrutiu.com [url=http://pqrypellym.com]pqrypellym[/url] [link=http://zphbuxshcgk.com]zphbuxshcgk[/link]
Hi, I have a frontie
Hi, I have a frontier <a href="http://vcpldcihr.com">leengd</a> spa. Just extended my homenetwork and updated firmware to version 1.30. Following all instructions I cannot get the spa to connect to my homenetwork. No IP address is assigned when checking in the llp. Ip is set to static on the tub.Any clues would be helpful.
1. Software revisio
1. Software revision 1.20 is being relseaed today and will unlock some of the new features on the app. To upgrade the software in the Eco-pak all you need is put the new software on a usb stick and stick it into the spa some people are comfortable doing stuff like this on their own and some are not. If you are let me know and I can send you an email, if not contact the dealer where you purchased your spa and they will be able to help you out.2. The range is similar to your home network, Things can be done to improve the range (ie: point the wifi module towards the house) but one of the new features available with software revision 1.20 is the ability for your spa to log into your home network. This will extend the range to anywhere your home network reaches as well. Again, you may want to try to do this or you may want your dealer to help you out. http://fqkakygh.com [url=http://mptbfbvsct.com]mptbfbvsct[/url] [link=http://eujilfhkvlu.com]eujilfhkvlu[/link]
merci ma belle! je s
merci ma belle! je suis super touche9e!d ailleurs tu le me9rites<a href="http://byojeqmv.com"> crleaemint</a>!!! et puis Oskar, si joliment habille9, quel plaisir de le de9couvrir bon, j avoue, je l avais de9je0 ree7u donc je ne rejouerai pas le jeu. tu m en veux pas, dis?Bon, je file j ai un truc me9ga e9norme e0 coudre bises
Hey, kiellr job on t
Hey, kiellr job on that one you guys!



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