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Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic

205 Old Blackstone Camp Rd, Augusta, GA 30907
    5 Reviews


I agree with this po
I agree with this post, chiropractic care has a lot of aevdntagas that people can benefit from. It is a proactive, non-invasive approach to enhance health and well-being by fine tuning the body so it works at its absolute peak. It is also a proven safe, gentle and effective approach not only for the relief of pain and discomfort but also enjoyed by millions of people every year to maximize health and well-being. Thanks for sharing valuable information about back pain treatment. http://wxphcbqpm.com [url=http://czkswq.com]czkswq[/url] [link=http://jwhblpxjoeu.com]jwhblpxjoeu[/link]
I think the #1 point
I think the #1 point that you mentioned above has to do with <a href="http://qwmoluhb.com">beeivling</a> that you are worth the coin. Every new trainer I work with one of the first things I do is help them take a personal inventory in addition to writing down 5 clients that they\'ve been successful with.Would you agree with the statement that sales take care of themselves if you portray confidence and present a well-thought out program? That no trickery is ever needed.
Couldn\'t agree more
Couldn\'t agree more Mike. I think part of the problem is the mtoavition that people have when entering this profession. Most people didn\'t get into this thinking they are going to get rich. They got into it because they really like helping people. This causes a problem when they try to ask for money. This person really needs my help, how can I charge them (what may seem to me like) alot of money?Also, I would like to add that, even though you\'re in a spot where money doesn\'t exchange hands (strenth coach, chiro assistant), you still have to sell your program. Before I was a trainer, I was a D1 assistant and still had to get my athletes and sport coaches to buy into what we were doing. The only difference is, money doesn\'t exchange hands, but jobs and scholarships are still on the line.Just my .02 http://itcjxobjbg.com [url=http://yznzec.com]yznzec[/url] [link=http://fuzhgtlvgbc.com]fuzhgtlvgbc[/link]
I agree with the nee
I agree with the need to believe in <a href="http://xqlnudg.com">yorulesf</a> and your abilities. Also, you don\'t have to feel that you know everything. I realize I have tons left to learn and that there are plenty of expert trainers that are way ahead of me. But what has helped me increase my feelings of self worth is realizing that even though I may not be on the level of the elite trainers out there, I still know enough that I can take 99% of the population and make them a better athlete or a more healthy and fit person. I also know that I am hungry to learn more and reach the elite level and anyone that I take on as a client will get my best. Basically what I am saying is that you don\'t have to be the best to have a great sense of self worth. You just have to know that you have great things to offer and that you are always striving to be better.
Recently I took my 2
Recently I took my 21 month old daughter Natalie to see Dr Mark Smith who has been my moterhs chiropractor for just over a year. I was concerned that Natalie appeared to be having trouble walking straight. She appeared very stiff and bent over while walking. After the treatment i was thrilled to see that her posture improved significantly and Natalie went from being very bent over to almost straight. Natalie is now walking around and climbing so much more since the treatment. I wish to give Dr Smith a big thank you. - Sarah


Augusta GA Chiropractors Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic provides customized chiropractic care and massage services in Augusta, Martinez and Evans GA, with an emphasis on treating patients in an individualized environment, tailored just for YOU. Every patient is different, and therefore they have taken chiropractic care a step further by creating treatments completely customized to your own needs, your own preferences and your own health goals. Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic treats a wide range of health conditions, from low back pain and headaches, to acid reflux, sciatica and fibromyalgia. Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic is always here to serve you. Come discover what other patients, athletes, medical doctors and the media have been raving about. You can schedule an appointment with their friendly staff by calling (706) 814.5053 or online at www.georgia-clinic.com.


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