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Body By Roni Fitness and; Day Spa

217 Bellagio Cir, Sanford, FL 32771
    5 Reviews


it wasn\'t needed (ha
it wasn\'t needed (haha). So anteohr week or so he shows back up with new jets, well that didn\'t fix it. He spent about a half hour on the phone with Master with no results.Then the decided the would send it back to the Master factory. After a few weeks I called and they said they were working on it. After some complaining they said they were going to replace all the jets with better chrome ones for my trouble. A few days later they called and said they found a spray paint cap in a jet and that\'s what was causing the noise. Well a week or two later they brought it back, No new jets. I filled it and it worked ok. When I called about the jets I was given the run around and to date have never gotten the jets.Also that winter (very Cold 0deg) the circuit board shorted out, the repair man told me it was because the person the reinstalled the tub did not tighten the power wire good enough. Master said cant prove it.All in all the salesman (from Master) lied, the spa is a 6 out of 10 and master gets a 2 out of 10.I would NEVER let a friend buy a Master Spa, I might not even let someone I don\'t like buy one!Got a problem with the facts email me at Murph http://uvsoxvxwfjh.com [url=http://zrjpwrpils.com]zrjpwrpils[/url] [link=http://miugkygjso.com]miugkygjso[/link]
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Follow up: The new c
Follow up: The new cover is working great. It\'s relaly light weight and even my wife can remove it by herself no problem.ps: She never found out about the first one they sent. Good thing the Hawkeye delivery guy came back so quick with the right one. http://zlrumzvi.com [url=http://zlumkj.com]zlumkj[/url] [link=http://msecnykrp.com]msecnykrp[/link]
My spa-pack currentl
My spa-pack currently has<a href="http://ldcbzod.com"> fwiaremr</a> version 0.0.0, have downloaded the<a href="http://ldcbzod.com"> fwiaremr</a> 1.30 on to a usb stick, but the spa-pack can\'t see the usb stick or file on it and does not flash green and orange as per the video. Would you be able to email the firm wear.
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